6 Lacrosse Passing and Catching Drills for Beginners

Passing is one of the most important skills in lacrosse. If you cannot pass and catch, it’s hard to do anything else on a lacrosse field. Today I want to give you my favorite passing and catching drills that you can do at home by yourself or with a partner. These are simple, easy and effective drills that will make you better in no time! Let’s get into it. 

Wallball – Wallball is the MVP of lacrosse drills. It is by far the most important drill that any lacrosse player can do, and if you don’t do wall ball regularly, you’re missing out. 

To do wallball, find a wall (preferably one with no windows around it) that you can throw a lacrosse ball against. If you don’t have access to a wall, you can purchase a lacrosse rebounder. 

Every great lacrosse player I know, whether they are a 10 year old or 30 year old professional, does wall ball regularly. Think of wall ball like a “science lab” where you can optimize your passing and catching form and try out new things. If you’re looking for the easiest way to get better at passing and catching, start with 30 minutes of wall ball every single day for 30 days. Come back to me after this and tell me how you did!

Bonus: Wallball Off of a Tree – So wallball is too easy for you now, huh? It’s time to turn it up a notch. Find a tree (that your parents or neighbors don’t mind getting thrown on) and start trying to do wallball. The lacrosse ball will start bouncing in all sorts of crazy directions, and it will force you to become a catching ninja! This is one of my favorite “secret” drills to really work on your lacrosse passing and catching. 

Don’t Crack the Egg – This is one of my favorite passing drills to do with a partner. This will specifically help you with lacrosse catching. Think of the lacrosse ball like an egg – if you drop the ball it will crack. Find a partner and pick a number of successful catches in a row you have to get without dropping the egg. For example, start with 20 successful catches in a row. 

Keep increasing the number until you’re up to 1,000 successful catches. Yes! You’ll get there faster than you think. 

Sideline to Sideline Passes – One of the most rare and valuable skills you can have in lacrosse is the ability to pass and catch from long distances. This will be especially helpful if you’re a defender, because passing and catching from far away will help you with clearing. 

Get a partner and stand across from each other on the sidelines of a lacrosse field. It should feel very far away and intimidating at first. Make sure you bring a few balls with you, and start passing and catching. You might find yourself dropping the ball more than usual at first, but over time, you will figure out the right form to successfully catch the ball. Coaches will be very impressed if you’re able to do this right. 

1-Handed Partner Passes – Passing in lacrosse forces you to use your wrists, which is not a very common muscle group that you use in everyday life. In order to develop wrist strength, pass with a partner with one hand. Use what would be your top hand, so if you’re right handed, use your right hand, and if you’re left handed, use your left hand. Your wrists might be a little sore after this exercise!

Soft Hands – If you or your son is very new to lacrosse, they might find passing and catching extremely difficult. Instead of trying to pass and catch with a stick, start out by throwing and catching a lacrosse ball with your bare hands. Try to focus on having “soft hands” where you guide the ball back to you instead of snatching at it like a net. 

If you use these lacrosse passing and catching drills in your routine, you will find yourself improving quickly. Remember, every great lacrosse player struggles with passing and catching, and it’s not a “natural” skill that you are born with. Keep at it and don’t give up even if you find yourself discouraged. You got this!


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