The Top Offensive Lacrosse Heads of 2017

STX Stallion U Lacrosse Head

The Top Offensive Lacrosse Heads of 2017 The head is one of the most important part of a lacrosse player’s game. Things like shafts, gloves, and pads should not play a huge role in the ability of a lacrosse player, but the head can certainly impact your game significantly. There are hundreds of different lacrosse … Read more

Top 5 MLL Highlights: Week 1

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Top 5 MLL Highlights (Week 1) Here are the best MLL highlights this year. Enjoy! 1) Charlotte Hounds vs. Atlanta Blaze 2) Florida Launch vs. Charlotte Hounds 3) Boston Cannons vs. Ohio Machine 4) Denver Outlaws vs. Boston Cannons 5) New York Lizards vs. Ohio Machine

Top 5 College Lacrosse Highlights: Week 1

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Top 5 College Lacrosse Highlights: Week 1 Here are the top 5 college lacrosse highlights for week 1. To be considered, please email  1) Connor Kelly Season Highlights 2. Matt Rambo Season Highlights 3) Sergio Salcido Senior Year Highlights 4) Ryder Garnsey 2017 Highlights 5. Connor Fields 2017 Regular Season Highlights

Top 5 High School Highlights: Week 1

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Top 5 High School Highlights (Week 1) Here are the top highlight reels for week 1. To be considered, please email 1) Alex Trippi Senior Year Highlights 2) Connor DeSimone Senior Year Highlights 3. Connor Drake Highlights 4. Asher Nolting Senior Highlights 5. Alex Slusher 2017 Highlights

Stringing Your Lacrosse Stick Easily

LaxWeekly how to string a lacrosse stick

How to String a Lacrosse Stick In my opinion, every player should know how to string their own stick. Being dependent on someone else to string your stick is dangerous, because if it breaks, who will be there to fix it? For 7 years, I got other people to string my stick, until finally I … Read more

The Best Lacrosse Mesh of 2017

LaxWeekly best lacrosse mesh

The Best Lacrosse Mesh of 2017 1) StringKing Type 3s Mesh     In my personal opinion, StringKing makes the best lacrosse mesh in the industry. I have never had an issue with my StringKing mesh, and it doesn’t bag out in the rain. When I think of StringKing, I think of consistency. Personally, I … Read more

Top 5 Heads of the Week (Week 1)

LaxWeekly Stringing

In the lacrosse world, there are thousands of stringers from around the world that push the envelope of lacrosse stringing. I want to highlight the efforts of stringers who might not always get recognized. To submit your head, email With the help of Instagram, here are my top 5 heads this week: 1. Fantum … Read more

Email to Send to a College Lacrosse Coach

Email Template College Lacrosse Coach

Emailing College Lacrosse Coaches As I have mentioned in other articles, email outreach is one of the most important parts of the recruiting process. Well-crafted emails can give you a better chance at getting a reply from a coach.  Writing a good email can be difficult, so here’s a quick guide showing you what you … Read more

Get Recruited to Play Division 1 Lacrosse

LaxWeekly D1 Lacrosse Recruiting Feature

Getting Recruited to Play D1 Lacrosse (Part 2): Alright, you have decided that you want to play Division 1 Lacrosse after reading about how hard it is. Playing for a Division 1 school can be one of the most incredible, life-changing events that you will ever do. It is the highest amateur level in the … Read more