The Best Lacrosse Mesh of 2017

The Best Lacrosse Mesh of 2017

1) StringKing Type 3s Mesh

LaxWeekly StringKing Mesh
Image: Lacrosse Unlimited



In my personal opinion, StringKing makes the best lacrosse mesh in the industry. I have never had an issue with my StringKing mesh, and it doesn’t bag out in the rain. When I think of StringKing, I think of consistency. Personally, I use 3s mesh for my stick, which is softer than average mesh. You can also get the 3x  mesh, which is perfect for someone who likes harder-style mesh. No matter what, you will not be disappointed with StringKing. 



2) East Coast Dyes HeroMesh

LaxWeekly ECD Mesh
Image: Universal Lacrosse



East Coast Dyes might be the most recognized lacrosse stringing company in the lacrosse world. Due to their active presence on social media and YouTube, they have created a huge brand and massive following. Their HeroMesh is a great piece of mesh, and many people love using it. Personally, I prefer StringKing, but HeroMesh is also a good option. It has superb reviews on Amazon. 




3) Throne of String Fiber Mesh

LaxWeekly Throne Mesh
Image: Universal Lacrosse




Throne of String is a great stringing company. I also enjoy their YouTube channel and the founder seems like a great stringer. I have never used Throne Mesh before, but there are certainly people out there who love it. If you’re looking for a piece of mesh and do not like the first two options, this is a great alternative.

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    • Hey Christopher, thanks for your comment. I have used Otter Mesh before. Personally, I did not love it, but I know many other people who enjoy it. Let me know if you have any more questions! Feel free to email us: contactlaxweekly (at)


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