Best Lacrosse Shafts of 2018

Welcome to LaxWeekly. Here are our Top Lacrosse Shafts in 2018! 


STX Stallion Stick
Credit: Lacrosse Scoop

STX Stallion Scandium

Price: $$


The STX Stallion Scandium is a premium shaft that is made of one of the most popular metals in the sport. Scandium is known for being both lightweight and strong. When choosing a lacrosse shaft, it is important to choose a stick that you feel comfortable with. The STX Stallion Scandium has the highest strength to weight ratio for a metal lacrosse shaft on the market.

There are multiple benefits to using a light and strong lacrosse stick. A lightweight shaft will normally help to increase shot speed. For offensive players, any increase in speed is very important because a faster shot is harder for a goalie to save. While playing lacrosse, the strength of the shaft can allow any player to be more versatile. For midfielders, it is important to have a stick strong enough to play both offense and defense. For an attackman, a stronger stick can allow for more aggressive rides when the other team is clearing the ball. Everything about this stick allows a player using it to be successful.

An important feature of this shaft is STX’s Shaft Lock technology. Although this may seem like no big deal, many times a lacrosse head can be slightly too small for a shaft which causes a rattle in the stick. This is one of the main pet peeves of lacrosse players. Before this technology, players would traditionally have to wrap tape underneath their heads to lock the head in place. Although this is a good quick solution to the problem, it has a couple drawbacks. One is that once the tape is put underneath the head, it can be very difficult to take the head off the shaft. This can cause some frustration any time a head needs to be taken off of a stick. This feature along with the other specs of this shaft make this a great product.

Epoch Dragonfly 7 Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Dragonfly

Price: $$$


The Epoch Dragonfly is a very high tech composite shaft on the lacrosse shaft market. It is made of a carbon fiber which is notoriously strong and light. The advantage of a carbon fiber stick is that unlike a traditional metal shaft, it cannot be dented. Many times, metal shafts can be vulnerable to large dents that can happen when stick checks occur while playing. Unfortunately, sometimes a metal shaft can become so dented that a new shaft may be necessary. The Epoch dragonfly is a very expensive shaft but the cost is worth it for a player who wants a durable, light, and composite shaft.

A large upside for Epoch shafts is the 1-year warranty. If the shaft breaks during this period, Epoch will replace it with a new one. A year warranty for a shaft is rare and is very helpful in case there is an issue with the stick. Even the strongest sticks on the market can break, having a year of free insurance is always a great addition to an excellent product.

Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik Apollo

Price: $$


Maverik has continued to improve and develop new exciting products. The Maverik Apollo shaft is a great addition to the long list of superb products offered by the company. This shaft is extremely light and is a great stick for a very skilled offensive player that is constantly feeding and shooting the ball. Many aspects of the Maverik Apollo allow players who use it to consistently have success, but the shape of this shaft is its key feature. Maverick has used a combination of its traditional shaft shape with concave sides. This allows players to have the ultimate feel of their stick while making plays.

The shape of a shaft can sometimes be overlooked, but many times it can make the difference while choosing a new shaft. Just like choosing the right sized shoe, it is important to pick a shaft that feels right. The more comfortable a player is, the more they will be able to accomplish on the field without having to think twice. A fair warning for this stick is that it can dent and break more easily because the thickness of the shaft walls are tapered towards the bottom of the stick. Although it is impossible to notice while playing with the stick, it helps to reduce the weight of the Maverik Apollo. This stick is highly recommended for skilled offensive players who are not frequently checking or hitting. The Maverick Apollo is protected by a six-month warranty in case the shaft does have an issue.

Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Sports Stop

Warrior Regulator

Price: $


The Warrior Regulator is a great shaft for a player looking for great value. Although it is relatively inexpensive, this shaft is tough and can be a great piece of equipment for many types of players. It is always a great idea for a player to invest in a backup stick to protect themselves if there is an issue with their main stick. There are a few problems that can lead to a player needing to use their backup. A stick can be deemed illegal or possibly break. When this happens, it is great for a player to quickly grab a backup stick they are comfortable with so they can continue to play at a high level.

Some positions in lacrosse can naturally lead to more physicality which can cause shafts to break easily. A great example of this is a defensive midfield player. Many times, these players have to put their bodies on the line to keep offensive players from reaching the goal. The Warrior Regulator is a perfect stick for anyone in this position. Using a less expensive shaft can help to ease the pain of breaking multiple sticks during the season. The Warrior Regulator is a perfect value purchase because this product has a ton to offer at a low price.             

Credit: Lacrosse Unlimited

Adidas Freak

Price: $$


One of the newest brands in lacrosse shafts is Adidas. The well-known global company has finally decided to make lacrosse-specific products. The Adidas Freak shaft is a great product that has been created to compete with the best shafts on the market. Many players agree that Adidas is gaining traction in the lacrosse community and the Freak shaft has helped to give Adidas a good name. Dominant professional player and lacrosse ambassadors, Drew Snider and Myles Jones, are helping to promote the product. Both players have been using the shaft and they have continued to be extremely successful.

With all of their products, Adidas has done a great job making products that are high quality while also visually appealing. The same is true for the Adidas Freak shaft. Whether a player is a fan of Adidas or this is their first experience with the brand, the shaft is sure to make them feel like an all-star.

Some technology featured in this shaft is Adidas’ nonstop grip texture which allows for hand feel without slowing hand movement. This added grip and feel is subtle, but can make a big difference in some weather conditions.


ECD Carbon lacrosse shaft
Credit: Amazon

ECD Carbon Pro

Price: $$


The Carbon Pro shaft is a great composite shaft made that has been very popular on lacrosse fields since it was created by East Coast Dyes. Located in Maryland, East Coast dyes has consistently been on the leading edge of lacrosse innovation. Many of their professional players use the Carbon Pro. Composite shafts offer a lot of benefits including that they are more flexible than a metal based shaft. To do this, East Coast Dyes uses FLEX 5 Technology.

Some flex in the ECD Carbon Pro allows the shaft to slightly bend while shooting which gives shots and passes extra feel. This quality also allows the stick to absorb checks without easily breaking. Along with the shafts natural flex, it also has a rough grip. Because of this, players can limit the amount of tape they need while being able to play consistently in all type of weather conditions.

When choosing any gear, lacrosse players are normally very sensitive to the brands they choose to represent. East Coast Dyes continues to be successful in all areas of the lacrosse gear market because of high quality products and their loyal fans.

Wolf Athletics lax shaft
Credit: Wolf Athletics


Price: $$$


The Wolf Athletics U-2 is claimed to the world’s strongest lacrosse shaft and claims to be able to take 1800 pounds of force before snapping. Both of these claims are extremely impressive and Wolf Athletics has done the research to make sure their product stands up to the test. The shape and strength of the shaft is also resistant to dents. As the Wolf Athletics U-2 shaft continues to become more and more popular, players are starting to switch from traditional brands.  

Although this is a shaft is expensive, it is almost indestructible and should be able to outlive multiple shafts that may be easier to break and dent. We commend Wolf Athletics creation of this shaft and we hope to see more nearly unbreakable products on the market in the future.


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