Bixby Ballers Lacrosse Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Bixby Ballers

Coach: Schuyler Horn



Overall Rating: 4.5/5

If you live in Monterey County, I’d highly recommend checking out the Bixby Ballers. In a time when many lacrosse organizations can take the fun out of lacrosse, the Bixby Ballers have nothing but fun.

Just with a quick peek at the club’s Instagram, you can tell Bixby prepares lacrosse players for more than just the game – they prepare these players with countless life lessons.

Whether it is stick trick tutorials or reminders to be outside and enjoy life, I would feel great knowing my son is playing for a coach and a club that truly cares. While I would say this club is less focused on recruiting as some of the larger and more established clubs, that should not take away from the incredible community coach Horn is building at the Bixby Ballers.


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