101 Lacrosse Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: 101 Lacrosse Head Coach/Director: Panchito Ojeda Website: https://www.101lax.com/ Contact: Click Here Overall Rating: 4.9/5 If you live in the Sonoma Area, 101 Lacrosse is a program you must look into. Founded by Panchito Ojeda, the club is hyper focused on developing talent on and off the field. 101 Lax’s scope reaches well … Read more

Arizona Hot Sauce Lacrosse Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Hot Sauce Lacrosse Head Coach/Director: Dan Lannon Website: http://www.arizonaoutlawslacrosse.com/ Contact: dan.lannon@yahoo.com Overall Rating: 4.8/5 If you live in the Phoenix area, Hot Sauce Lacrosse is definitely a program I’d take look at. Whether your son is in elementary, middle or high school, Hot Sauce Lacrosse has a spot for them. Hot Sauce … Read more

Arizona Outlaws Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Arizona Outlaws Head Coach: Ben Prepchuk Website: http://www.arizonaoutlawslacrosse.com/ Contact: ben@arizonaoutlawslacrosse.com Overall Rating: 5/5 If you are an Arizona lacrosse player who takes their lacrosse game seriously, I would highly recommend considering the Arizona Outlaws. Run by 10-year NLL veteran head coach Ben Prepchuk, there is no doubt that you will become a … Read more

Email to Send to a College Lacrosse Coach

Email Template College Lacrosse Coach

Emailing College Lacrosse Coaches As I have mentioned in other articles, email outreach is one of the most important parts of the recruiting process. Well-crafted emails can give you a better chance at getting a reply from a coach.  Writing a good email can be difficult, so here’s a quick guide showing you what you … Read more

Get Recruited to Play Division 1 Lacrosse

LaxWeekly D1 Lacrosse Recruiting Feature

Getting Recruited to Play D1 Lacrosse (Part 2): Alright, you have decided that you want to play Division 1 Lacrosse after reading about how hard it is. Playing for a Division 1 school can be one of the most incredible, life-changing events that you will ever do. It is the highest amateur level in the … Read more