The Best Goalie Heads In Lacrosse, a Guide

Patrick Burkinshaw Lacrosse Goalie

Choosing the right lacrosse goalie head is important if you want to be the best player possible. Each head has a different shape, weight, and other factors that make it unique.   We surveyed college lacrosse goalies around the country to make a definitive list of the BEST goalie heads on the market, so you can … Read more

Best Lacrosse Shafts of 2018

Welcome to LaxWeekly. Here are our Top Lacrosse Shafts in 2018!    STX Stallion Scandium Price: $$ Breakdown: The STX Stallion Scandium is a premium shaft that is made of one of the most popular metals in the sport. Scandium is known for being both lightweight and strong. When choosing a lacrosse shaft, it is … Read more

Jason Sullivan: The Opportunity

Jason Sullivan Cleveland State Lacrosse

When Jason Sullivan attended the Cleveland State lacrosse prospect day, he didn’t think he was playing very well at first. “I even got yard-saled in front of one of the assistant coaches,” he told me. Even after what he thought was a rough prospect day, the Cleveland State coaching staff saw something more in him. … Read more