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Private Coaching

“Jake – that was easily the best money I’ve ever spent on helping my son get better at lacrosse. You clearly put so much time into this- THANK YOU!! – Parent of Zach W., Player from Dallas, TX


I offer private coaching sessions to lacrosse players/parents who are looking to get better fast. Private coaching calls are done live over Skype and can cover any topic you’d like!

The purpose of a private coaching call is to get expert advice from me specifically tailored to YOUR lacrosse game and how you can get the fastest results. While there is lots of helpful lacrosse advice online, the most effective way to get better at lacrosse is by analyzing your specific game.

Private Coaching
  • Call via Skype (60 minutes)
  • Detailed 3-month action plan to help you improve quickly
  • In-depth analysis of your lacrosse game based on your film/attributes
  • We'll cover as many topics, dodges, or any other questions you have

Note From Me:

I take these coaching calls very seriously. When I was a lacrosse player, I had many disappointing experiences with private coaches,  so I am 100% committed to guaranteeing that never happens at Lax Weekly. You can expect that I will be prompt, I will have done my research into your film/game before the call so I don’t waste any of your time, and that I will have helpful and actionable information.

How Does Private Coaching Work?

Once you pay for a session, you will be directed to a page that says “click here to download.” In the download you will receive a PDF file with with instructions to fill out quick survey where you can put information about your experience level, your highlight reel or film, your goals, etc. Once I receive this survey, I will respond to you within 24 hours to set up the call. In addition, I will spend 1-2 hours before the call dissecting your game and crafting a plan of how you can get better. My goal is to help you know EXACTLY what you need to do to improve.

If you have any customer support related questions, email me!