How Many Quarters Are There in a Lacrosse Game?

So how many quarters are there in a lacrosse game?

There are four quarters in a lacrosse game, and they’re usually 15 minutes long. There is a 10 minute halftime break in between the second and third quarter.

Skill Level Time
 4 Quarters, 12 minutes each
 4 Quarters, 15 minutes each
High School
 4 Quarters, 15 minutes each
 4 Quarters, 8 minutes each
 2 Halves, 20 minutes each

Depending on your level of lacrosse, length of quarters can vary. You can check out our article for a full breakdown of how long lacrosse games last.

Also note that there’s a 2-3 minute break in between quarters, and teams switch sides after each quarter.

I’m Jake and I’m a lacrosse coach and lacrosse YouTuber. A common question I get asked by players and parents is how many quarters or periods a lacrosse game is.

Almost all lacrosse games are split up into quarters, but there are a few exceptions.

In club lacrosse games, where lacrosse players play for a select team in the summer or fall, games are usually played in halves to make them go by quicker.

In youth lacrosse games, games are sometimes played in halves as well to shorten the game length.

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