Lacrosse Balls: All of Your Lacrosse Ball Questions Answered!

Question: What are lacrosse balls made of?

Answer: Lacrosse balls are made almost entirely out of rubber. Each ball is treated with chemicals in order to give the ball its texture and feel. If you want to see what the inside of a lacrosse ball looks like, check out this video: 

Question: Do lacrosse balls contain latex?

Answer: Yes, it is generally believed that most lacrosse balls do contain latex. (Source

In my ten years of playing lacrosse, I never ran into anyone who had problems with the latex in lacrosse balls. I don’t think it is usually an issue for most players.

Question: Do lacrosse balls contain cement/metal?

Answer: Nope! Lacrosse balls are solid rubber. Some internet forums claim that balls have a cement or metal center, but that is not true. 

Question: How much does a lacrosse ball weigh?

Answer: A lacrosse ball is supposed to weigh between 5 and 5.25 ounces.

It’s definitely heavier and denser than a tennis ball. 

Question: How big is a lacrosse ball?

Answer: A lacrosse ball is supposed to be between 7.75 and 8 inches in circumference. 

If you want a size comparison, it’s pretty similar to the size of a tennis ball.

Question: Why do lacrosse balls smell?

Answer: Lacrosse balls go through chemical treatments in order to mold and texture the ball properly. After a ball is molded, it goes through an “outgas” period where excess chemicals are released into the air.

Try not to leave lacrosse balls in your car for too long. The best place to put them is in a covered environment like a garage.  

Question: How fast can lacrosse balls travel?

Answer: The unofficial fastest lacrosse shot is 127.1 MPH held by former Ohio State player Nick Diegel. Every year lacrosse players are pushing the limit with how fast they can shoot. Here’s a video explaining more about his journey: 

Question: Why do lacrosse balls get greasy/slick?

Answer: Lacrosse balls can get greasy or slick because they are injected with oils and plastics that slowly come to the surface of the ball as you use them. New companies are coming out with “greaseless” lacrosse balls that are supposed to last forever!

Greasy lacrosse balls can mess up your shooting and passing form, so make sure to practice with non-greasy lacrosse balls.

Question: Why are lacrosse balls different colors?

Answer: Lacrosse balls are different colors depending on which game of lacrosse you play. In the men’s game, lacrosse balls are white. In the women’s game, lacrosse balls are yellow. In box lacrosse, lacrosse balls are orange. There are certain standards set by each lacrosse organization that determine the colors of the ball. 

Even though the lacrosse balls are different colors, they are the same size, weight, etc.

Question: Why are lacrosse balls so expensive?

Answer: Lacrosse balls are made out of vulcanized rubber which is more expensive than normal rubber.

The balls have to go through a special process in order to be molded. In addition, there are only a few lacrosse ball manufacturers, which means companies can charge a higher price with little competition. 

Even though lacrosse balls are expensive, it is worth it to have them to practice with.

Question: Do lacrosse balls hurt?

Answer: Yes, from personal experience I can tell you that it does not feel good to get hit with a lacrosse ball. That’s why it is extremely important to invest in some good lacrosse pads in order to protect yourself. Goalies in lacrosse get hit by shots that are 100+MPH. You will see some crazy bruises on goalies after games. 

Question: Do lacrosse balls bounce?

Answer: Yes! Lacrosse balls are very bouncy and operate like a bouncy ball. In lacrosse there is a “bounce shot” where players bounce the ball before shooting it! 

It’s probably not a good idea to play lacrosse inside your house. The ball bounces all over the place and let’s just say, I’ve broken a few things that I wish I wouldn’t have.

Question: Do lacrosse balls float?

Answer: No, lacrosse balls do not float. I have learned this from many years of playing lacrosse in the pool with my friends! If you drop a lacrosse ball in the pool, get ready to go dive in and get it!

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