LaxWeekly Presents: 2017 Christmas MiniMag

Welcome to the 2017 Christmas MiniMag! We put over 100 hours into making this happen, and we could not be more excited to share it. In this magazine, we made Christmas shopping a breeze: you will find reviews of the best lacrosse gear, gifts, and brands. In addition, we highlight the game’s best players, influencers, teams, and so much more. All reviews are unbiased; we were not paid by any company for a favorable review.  You support us with our independently chosen links, which can earn us a commission if you purchase a product. 

Here at LaxWeekly, we decided to embark on a journey to create the longest piece of lacrosse content ever written on the internet. Our mission is simple: we give everyone in lacrosse a voice. By letting the sport’s best people and organizations share their stories, we believe lacrosse will grow the right way. Cheers!

Table of Contents:


The Power of Social Media

By: @ugalax

As we embark on the 2018 season, we know we have a lot to do to stay on top.  We’re still undefeated on the internet and have won the Social Media Team of the Year for the past four seasons.  As Paul Rabil once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We understand that in order to stay on top, you have to be the best; and we plan on being the best at the interwebs once again. In order to be the best,  we know we have the duty to provide our followers with factual information and evidence. 

As we’ve rapidly gained followers over the years,  we’ve also gained a significant amount of media coverage, not only due to our wit and humor but due to people finding out that UGA had a lacrosse team.  At first, this was extremely surprising. We were just a bunch of guys being dudes tossing the pill around having some laughs, but with this extra media attention, we noticed some things changing for our program and for club lacrosse in general.

Every year, more and more youngbloods were contacting us about UGA and the lacrosse program. Traditionally, UGA Lacrosse was just your run of the mill club sport, just some dudes hanging around playing stickball but recently, we’ve had a lot of highly talented kids from all over the country wanting to  come to the greatest university in the world all while playing on the greatest sports team ever assembled.  We also noticed that other lacrosse teams were getting into the social media shenanigans. We consider ourselves the pioneers of lacrosse twitter but that’s neither here nor there. Over the past four years, we’ve noticed huge jumps in competition levels in the SELC as well as the MCLA. If done correctly, social media can draw some extremely positive attention towards your program.   We’ve had a ton of life changing and positive opportunities with various different foundations  and fundraiser groups that help grow the game and help bring awareness to sensitive issues in today’s society.

Last year, we didn’t make the SELC playoffs so while one of our main goals this year is to make it back, we have much higher aspirations than ever before in program history. This season, we made it a priority to schedule as many top tier programs as possible in order to prepare for what may lie ahead late in the spring.  Check the twitter for this year’s poster (it’s kinda tight tbh). 

Lacrosse Heads


Maverik Optik Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Lacrosse Unlimited

Maverik Optik:

Perfect for the X-attackman who has more assists than goals in a season.

One of best-selling heads on Amazon is the Maverik Optik, a head built for ball-carriers who are the “quarterback” type players, feeding from behind the goal and making shifty moves to keep defenders guessing. The head is designed for precision and accuracy, making sure lacrosse players throw perfect passes every time. The Optik is a great choice for attackmen looking to step up their game.


East Coast Dyes Mirage Lacrosse Head
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey

East Coast Dyes Mirage:

Perfect for the offensive players who want the best balance of weight, durability, and speed.

East Coast Dyes, a company known for their mesh, hit it out of the park with this lacrosse head. Used by some of the nation’s best shooters in Deemer Class and Ryan Brown, the Mirage is a great option for any player looking for a high-quality and reliable head. Since the head was designed by stringers, you can bet that the Mirage allows for complete customization of your pocket. 

Greg Kenneally, Founder of East Coast Dyes
“At ECD, we focus on doing a few things very well. Compared to other companies that make a large variety of gear, we focus on the main components of the stick: head, shaft and mesh. This allows us to make the highest quality product possible.”



STX Stallion U Lacrosse Head
Credit: Mako Sports

STX Stallion U:

Perfect for two-way midfielders looking for an all-around great head.

A great option for midfielders who like to play on both sides of the field is the STX Stallion U 550. STX did a great job making sure the sidewalls of this head were strong, which gives midfielders peace of mind when playing physical defense or going after a hard ground ball.

Warrior Rabil 2 Lacrosse Head
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey



Warrior Rabil 2 Head:

Perfect for elite offensive midfielders that demand a quality head.

Paul Rabil is one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time, and his line of equipment lives up to the name. The Warrior Rabil 2 Head is an excellent choice for elite midfielders who have a wicked shot on the run. The mid-high pocket placement allows for maximum power and speed.



Under Armour Command X HeadUnder Armour Command X Head:

Perfect for face-off men looking for one of the best face-off heads out there.
When I think of Under Armour, I think of reliability. The Command X is a reliable head built to help FOGOs win more draws. Its sidewalls are specifically designed to secure the ball when clamping, and a shortened throat allows you to get your hands closer the ball. If you turn on a college lacrosse game, there’s a good chance you will see a FOGO using this head. 

Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head



Maverik Tank:

Perfect for the defenseman who fills up the stat sheet with ground balls.
One of our favorite defensive heads is the Maverik Tank. The name says it all: this head is truly a defensive machine. If you are a hard-nosed defenseman who scoops up ground balls left and right, the Tank is a head to consider. The Tank also has great support, so your head will not break under pressure. With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, the Tank is one of the best heads out there for aggressive defensemen.


Epoch Prequel Lacrosse Head
Credit: Sports Stop

Epoch Prequel:

Perfect for the offensive player who wants a quick release and a mid-pocket.
Epoch is known for its high-end, quality lacrosse gear. The Prequel lives up to the Epoch brand with its curved shape and ball control structure. The shape of the head creates a “sweet spot” where the ball can sit perfectly, making the head extremely accurate and consistent.



Credit: Sleeping Giant Sports

StringKing Mark 2V:

Perfect for the midfielder who wants a stiff head that can take abuse.
StringKing is a lacrosse brand known for its quality in all products. The Mark 2V is a product built on consistency with its stiff sidewalls and overall structure. The best part is, StringKing has a warranty that covers cracks and other damage to the head, so you can feel confident that you will have a head that lasts.


Brine Clutch Lacrosse Head
Credit: Queen City Lacrosse

Brine Clutch IV:

Perfect for the offensive player who wants a lightweight head at a solid price point.
The Brine Clutch has been around for quite some time. I can still remember the original Brine Clutch and how popular that head was. As the Clutch has evolved, it has continued to impress and continues to be one of the most consistent heads on the market. The only knock against the head is that it can break fairly often compared to some of the more stiffer heads. 

Warrior Evo 4x Lacrosse Head
Credit: Sideline Swap


Warrior Evo 4X:
Perfect for versatile lacrosse players who want a top head for head under $100.
Warrior’s Evo line is one of the best in lacrosse, and the Evo 4X is a great example of this. With 12 5-star reviews on Amazon, it’s almost certain that you cannot go wrong with this head. It’s perfect for any offensive player, or even a face-off man.


STX Super Power Head
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey

STX Super Power U:

Perfect for a do-it-all player who wants a classic piece of lacrosse gear.
One of the best-selling lacrosse heads of all time is the STX Super Power. Most lacrosse players who have been playing for awhile have seen someone play with a Super Power before. I’ve seen FOGOs, midfielders and attackmen all using this head. Although the head was designed several years ago, it’s still one of the best heads you can get for a low price.

Lacrosse Shafts


STX Stallion Stick
Credit: Lacrosse Scoop

STX Stallion Scandium:

Perfect for a STX fan looking for great value in a shaft.
The Stallion Scandium shaft is perfect for intermediate offensive players who want a shaft that won’t break any time soon. At a $75 price point, it’s a solid choice for a player who wants a high-end shaft that won’t empty your wallet. STX is a household name, so you can never go wrong with picking up one of their well-made shafts



Joel Layman, STX Director of Marketing
“For nearly 50 years, STX has been the industry leader in lacrosse and continues to empower higher performance in our athletes every day. Our unique heritage and commitment to the best products in the game are unmatched. 2018 will bring some of the most innovative products we’ve ever developed and we look forward to taking both men’s and women’s lacrosse to new heights. Play Huge!”


Epoch Dragonfly 7 Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Dragonfly 7:

Perfect for a player with a large budget specifically looking for the lightest shaft possible. 

This shaft is one of the lightest on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive shafts available. My favorite part about Epoch gear is the 1-year warranty, guaranteeing a great customer experience. Overall, the Dragonfly is certainly one of the best shafts in the game. 


Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik Apollo:

Perfect for the long-range sharpshooter who wants a light lacrosse shaft and has a big budget.

The Maverik Apollo shaft is the lightest metal shaft from Maverik. For shooters looking to have maximum shot velocity, the lightweight, aerodynamic Apollo shaft is the perfect fit. The shaft has an Adjustable Butt-End, making it easy to change the position of your Butt-End depending on how you grip the stick. One of my favorite parts about the Apollo shaft is the finish. The shaft is bead-blasted, making it incredibly easy to grip and move your hands quickly. Some players note that the shaft can dent easily, but most players should not find this an issue unless they play heavy defense or dodge physically.

Billy Bitter, Maverik Lacrosse
“With the best in class design team & input from the game’s top players, here at Maverik we are on a tireless mission to offer an innovative, high performance product.”


Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Sports Stop

Warrior Regulator:
Perfect for a lacrosse player who prefers Warrior gear and looks for value.
The Warrior Regulator Handle is one of the best options for intermediate to advanced lacrosse players. If you’re an avid Warrior fan, this could be your next purchase.

Here’s the defensive version of the shaft.


Adidas Tracer EQT Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Universal Lax


Adidas EQT Tracer Shaft:

Perfect for an elite player who wants to be a trendsetter.

Adidas is relatively new to the lacrosse gear market, but they have already done a great job of growing their brand by signing top MLL player Myles Jones. The EQT Tracer shaft is an elite handle that is incredibly strong. A great feature of the shaft is the slight flex when shooting the ball, which helps increase your shot speed. I’m looking forward to seeing what Adidas continues to do in the next few months with lacrosse gear.


STX Surgeon Lacrosse Shaft
Credit: Northstar Lacrosse

STX Surgeon Shaft:

Perfect for an attackmen who prefer STX gear and want a top-of-the-line shaft.

The Surgeon lacrosse shaft is one of STX’s premier shafts for attackmen. This shaft is well-reviewed on Amazon and is a great choice for all STX fans out there. Many of my friends played with the Surgeon, and they all loved it. 



East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft:

ECD Carbon lacrosse shaft
Credit: Amazon

Perfect for an ECD-lover who wants a quality shaft.

East Coast Dyes makes great products all around the board, and this shaft is no exception. This shaft is well reviewed and used by several professional players. The handle as a textured grip, so players do not need to worry about putting large amounts of take on their stick. 





warrior burn diamond lacrosse shaft
Credit: Lacrosse Scoop


Warrior Burn Diamond Attack Shaft:

Perfect for a dodging attackman who wants a durable stick that isn’t too heavy.

Warrior did a fantastic job with the Burn collection, and this shaft is one of the strongest handles that attackmen can use. The best part is, the shaft is still extremely light.  This is the shaft that I used in my playing career , and I highly recommend it to any attackmen.

Here’s the defensive version of the shaft.



Maverik Range lacrosse shaft
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey

Maverik Range:

Perfect for the lacrosse player who wants a great shaft at a great price.

Another high-quality Maverik shaft is the Maverik Range. With several impressive features and a solid price point, the Range delivers the most value to a lacrosse player with a smaller budget. The durable build and traditional shaft shape makes the shaft extremely sturdy, and physical attackman and defensive midfielders could put this shaft to great use.

Wolf Athletics U2 Element Shaft

Perfect for the lacrosse player who wants a shaft that will not dent. 

If you want the strongest shaft on the market, look no further. This shaft from Wolf Athletics won’t break under less than 1,800 pounds of pressure. You can bet that you will not need to replace your shaft any time soon!

Wolf Athletics lax shaft
Credit: Wolf Athletics




Lacrosse Gloves


Maverik M3 Sports Stop
Credit: Sports Stop

Maverik M3:

Perfect for a Maverik fan who wants a great pair of gloves.

If you are a loyal Maverik fan, the M3’s are a great option for your next pair of gloves. These gloves are lightweight and flexible with plenty of space for your fingers, so trying to fit in these gloves will not be an issue.


Warrior Rabil NXT Gloves
Credit: Sideline Swap


Warrior Rabil NXT:

Perfect for players who want quality lacrosse gloves at a low price.

These gloves are a great option for a relatively new lacrosse player who wants the “next step up” as far as lacrosse gloves. For $40, it’s a hard price to beat.


stx stallion 50 gloves
Credit: Lacrosse monkey

STX Stallion 50 Gloves:

Perfect for beginner lacrosse players who want high-quality, cheap gloves.

The best selling gloves on Amazon, the STX Charger Gloves are ideal for beginner lacrosse players who want a great glove at an unbeatable price. If you are just starting out playing lacrosse, these are a great option for gloves that will last you a long time. 


maverik rome rx lacrosse gloves
Credit: Maverik

Maverik Rome RX Glove:

Perfect for an intermediate lacrosse player looking for gloves with good value.

The Rome series from Maverik is an excellent line of equipment, and the RX Gloves do not disappoint. At around $75, the value of these gloves is hard to beat for intermediate lacrosse players.


Maverik Charger Lacrosse gloves
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey

Maverik Charger Small Glove:

Perfect for a cheap pair of gloves for a youth lacrosse player.

One of the best-selling lacrosse gloves is the Maverik Charger. This is a beginner lacrosse glove that is perfect for lacrosse players looking to purchase their first pair of gloves. They are sturdy, comfortable, and provide great protection.


Arm Pads & Shoulder Pads



Warrior Hitlylte lacrosse shoulder pads
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey

Warrior EvoPro Hitlyte Shoulder Pad:

Perfect for any lacrosse player who wants some of the best shoulder pads in the game.

Warrior made one of the best set of shoulder pads you can purchase with the Hitlytes. A perfect blend of comfort and protection, any player at any position could benefit from using these pads. Beginners who have a bigger budget or advanced players who seek value would do great wearing these pads.


under armour vft
Credit: Lacrosse Scoop

Under Armour VFT Arm Guards:

Perfect for elite midfielders and defensemen who want smaller pads and greater flexibility.

Lacrosse players generally come in two types: ones that wear big and protective arm guards, and ones that wear small and lightweight arm guards. If you fall into the second category, these arm guards a great option.


lacrosse shoulder pads stx stallion 50
Credit: Sports Stop


STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pads:

Perfect for beginner lacrosse players who want basic pads at a low price.

These shoulder pads are designed for youth lacrosse. Many new lacrosse players use these pads, as they are lightweight, protective, and comfortable.



Warrior Regulator lacrosse arm guards
Credit: Sports Stop

Warrior Regulator Arm Guard:

Perfect for Warrior fans who want quality arm guards that won’t break the bank.

Just like the other gear in the Warrior’s Regulator line, these arm guards are perfect for the intermediate to advanced lacrosse player who loves Warrior gear.

maverik shoulder pads
Credit: Universal Lax

Maverik Rome RX3 Shoulder Pad:

Perfect for lacrosse players who want some of the top lacrosse shoulder pads.

Players looking for a lower-profile shoulder pad have come to the right place. The Maverik Rome line offers great flexibility and protection.


STX Cell 3 lacrosse arm guards

STX Cell 3 Arm Guard:

Perfect for the player looking for a decently priced set of quality arm guards.

 The Cell 3 arm guards were actually the ones I used when I played lacrosse.  I might be biased, but these are a great pair of guards that keep you protected and comfortable. At $89, they are a good mix of quality and value.


Lacrosse Cleats



lacrosse cleats under armour highlights
Credit: Pinterest

Under Armour Highlight Cleats:

Perfect for the lacrosse player who wants the most popular cleats in the sport.

The Under Armour Highlight cleats are certainly the most popular lacrosse cleats to date. You can find just about any lacrosse team with a few players that wear these cleats. In addition, you will see top NFL players wearing these cleats. The most unique part about the shoe is how high the cleat extends up the leg, giving players unparalleled ankle support. Under Armour truly made a cleat that took the entire lacrosse world by storm. I do not anticipate the popularity of these shoes declining any time soon.

Colton Vosburgh - Equipment @ Under Armour
“Here at Under Armour we make all athletes better. Whether you’re picking up a stick for the first time or winning a National Championship, Under Armour makes you better. As a team, we research, design, develop, and test our products with that in mind. As a result, we have become the industry leader for premium head-to-toe lacrosse equipment. And we are just getting started… “


lacrosse cleats new balance freeze

New Balance Freeze Cleats:

Perfect for the lacrosse player looking for one of the best pairs of cleats on the market.

New Balance made a huge splash in the lacrosse market with these amazing cleats. They are certainly on the expensive side, but the performance and cutting-ability is off the charts. High school and professional players alike depend on these cleats each week to stop on a dime and beat their defender. Not only do these cleats hold up well, they look incredible. NB did a wonderful job at making these lacrosse cleats look smooth and clean. Well done, New Balance.

Lacrosse Cleats Adidas Freak
Credit: Amazon


Adidas Freak Cleats:

Perfect for the daredevil willing to take a chance on an expensive and new product.

Adidas is known for their shoes, and they absolutely delivered on their lacrosse cleats. Although these cleats are new, there is no doubt that they are high quality and beautiful looking. You can get these cleats in a variety of cool colors: gold, blue, yellow, coral, and more. If you’re willing to take a chance on a new product, these cleats could become a household name in years to come.


Nike Hurache Lacrosse Cleats
Credit: Lacrosse Monkey

Nike Huarache Cleats:

Perfect for a player looking for cleats at a lower price point by an established company.

The Huarache line of cleats is also a popular choice for lacrosse players. If you want a cheaper option than first two cleats I mentioned, the Huaraches are a great choice for you.



warrior lacrosse cleats 2nd degree
Credit: Warrior Lacrosse

Warrior 2nd Degree Cleats:

Perfect for a players looking for cleats from a great lacrosse brand at a fair price.

Warrior makes great lacrosse gear, and their cleats are no different. A perfect cleat for a beginner to advanced player, the Warrior 2nd degree cleats are great option for price-conscious consumers who do not want to spend $100+ on cleats.


Lacrosse Mesh & Strings


Throne Fiber Lacrosse Mesh
Credit: Lax The Planet

Throne of String FIBER Mesh:

Perfect for the lacrosse player who wants to have some of the strongest mesh on the market

Joe Williams, Owner of Throne Lacrosse
“Every single piece of the FIBER system is made from the same material. This means that every piece of string has the same strength, making it the best complete stringing system made in America.
StringKing Type 3s Lacrosse Mesh
Credit: Stringers Depot

StringKing Type 3S Mesh:

Perfect for the lacrosse player who wants some of the most consistent mesh in the sport. 

Sam Aronson - StringKing PR Director
“We take a lot of pride in making our customer experience as positive and easy as possible from top to bottom. It all starts with the best products, but we want to make sure we have the best website, the best shopping experience, the best customer service, the best warranty system, and the best content we can possibly make. Every time you deal with StringKing, we make sure you leave happy.”
ECD HeroMesh
Credit: Lax Supply Co.

East Coast Dyes HeroMesh:

Perfect for the player who wants mesh from one of the most established companies in lacrosse.

Epoch Otter Mesh
Credit: Sport Stop

Epoch Otter Mesh:

Perfect for the lacrosse player who wants extremely light mesh.


Lax Moms

Women’s Lacrosse Mom T-Shirt

Let the world know that you drive your son or daughter to lacrosse practice every night. This shirt could also be good gift to a mom who yells too much during games.  

Lacrosse Christmas Ornament

Tired of the ornaments that you have been putting on your tree for the last 25+ years? Say no more! This lacrosse ornament is a perfect addition to your beautiful green tree.

“I Can’t My Daughter Has Lacrosse” Tee Shirt

The title says it all. This is a perfect shirt for mom.

Lax Mom Tote Bag

Too many of your child’s snacks to carry around all the time? Now you can carry all of them at once, while looking great!

Lacrosse Mom Blanket

It’s getting cold these days. Warm up with a Lacrosse Mom blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate. Mmmm!


Stocking Stuffers

East Coast Dyes Mint Balls

Do you ever notice how lacrosse balls get greasy and slippery after just a few uses? These lacrosse balls will never go bad!

Eat Sleep Lacrosse Sticker

Is your child obsessed with lacrosse? If so, this is a great sticker to show them how much you care.

Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Balls

During the winter time, practicing outside can be borderline impossible. With the swax lax balls, you can train indoors with a ball that will not bounce all over the place.

East Coast Dyes Pocket Polish

If you play lacrosse throughout the year, chances are, your mesh and gloves will wear out. With Pocket Polish, you can make sure that your gloves grip well and your wax mesh stays consistent.

B-Lax Blast Lacrosse Trainer

This piece of training equipment allows you to practice your catching and throwing from anywhere–no wall required.


Lacrosse Gifts


The BallScratcher 3.0 by Hedgehog Lacrosse

Don’t be fooled by the name; the BallScratcher might win the award for the lacrosse gift of the year. When I played lacrosse, I would constantly have to buy new balls because mine would get greasy. With the BallScratcher, you can turn worn down balls into playing condition balls in just a few minutes.

STX FiddleSTX Lacrosse Set

Many lacrosse players experience lacrosse for the first time with a Fiddle Stick. These are tiny lacrosse sticks with soft balls that are safe for kids to use. This is the perfect gift for your younger son or daughter who might not be ready to play with full pads yet.

Flamethrowers – Guardians of the game: A lacrosse story

This is a great book for your lacrosse loving child or parent. The book is action packed and leaves the reader guessing at every turn. 

Lacrosse Tie

Lacrosse players are notoriously known for becoming investment bankers on Wall Street after they graduate college. Impress your future employer or prom date with this classy tie that has a lacrosse stick pattern.

Thompson Brothers Lacrosse “Circle of Trust” Shirt

The Thompson Brothers are some of the most innovative players in the game. Check out this great-looking shirt made with Nike Dri-Fit material. 


Goals and Backstops


Gladiator Lacrosse Net

If you are looking for the best “bang for your buck,” the Gladiator Lacrosse net is the perfect option. It’s extremely easy to set up, and its lightweight frame makes it easy to move around. This is a great net to set up in the backyard and will last for a long time with proper care.

EZGoal Folding Lacrosse Goal

If you are a lacrosse coach and need to carry a goal around with you, this lacrosse goal is a great choice. It easily folds up for easy storage in the back of a car, in a shed, or attached to a fence.

Bownet Lacrosse Goal

This lacrosse goal is truly the most portable goal that you can purchase. The net can be set up in under two minutes without any tools or heavy bars. This is a great net to put indoors, since it won’t scrape the floor. Bownet did a great job with this lacrosse goal.

Rukket Barricade Backstop

If you find yourself losing lacrosse balls every time you practice shooting, check out this backstop. It’s 12’x9’, making it a great solution for lacrosse players who practice shooting outside.

Smart Backstop

This backstop might be my favorite backstop on the market. It covers a wide range of space, so unless you completely miss the cage by several feet, chances are, the ball will hit the backstop.

The LaxStop

This lacrosse backstop has been featured in several magazines before, and it is a nice option for lacrosse players who are tired of chasing balls.


Essential Lacrosse Items

Nike 3/4 Tights

One piece of apparel that has become an essential part of many lacrosse players’ wardrobes are 3/4 tights. One can see many players wearing 3/4 tights specifically in the high school/club lacrosse scene. Treat yourself to these awesome tights that will keep your knees protected.

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is a standard for mouthguards in lacrosse. I recommend getting a case to make sure that the mouthguard does not get too dirty.

Nike Club Swoosh Sweatpants

If you do not like wearing tights in lacrosse games, you may want to consider getting a nice pair of sweatpants. When it is cold and rainy, the last thing you want to happen is your legs freezing up during an important play. Do yourself a favor and invest in a nice pair of sweatpants so you’ll never have to worry.

Under Armour Mouthguard

If you are looking for a higher-end mouthguard, this Under Armour mouthguard could be good choice.

Nike Performance Cushion Socks

Another critical piece of clothing for many lacrosse players is socks. These white Nike socks are the most common socks that I have seen on the field. These classic white socks are the perfect fit to make you look legit without being flashy.


Freshman Phenoms


Chris Gray: The Transformational RecruitChris Gray: 

Chris Gray comes into Boston University as the highest rated high school recruit to play for the Terriers. Gray is a shifty attackman that can assist from behind the cage, stretch a defense with his shooting, and make incredible plays like this:

With BU recently graduating a large senior class that helped start the program, Gray has an opportunity to compete for a starting spot right away. I would not be surprised if Gray was the leading scorer for BU by the end of 2018 season with his kind of playmaking ability. I had the opportunity to interview Chris earlier this year, and his work ethic will be in an important asset in his development as an elite division one player.

Quote from Chris:
“I am very excited for the opportunity to play at the college level. After all the hard work our team as put in this fall, we are definitely very excited to start competing against other teams.”

Carson Cochran Lacrosse

Carson Cochran: 

Standing at a mighty 6 feet 3 inches and weighing over 220 pounds, Cochran certainly has the physical build of a high-level ACC defenseman. Hailing from Michigan, where he went to the same school as three-time Notre Dame All-American Sergio Perkovic, Cochran comes to South Bend as one of the best defenders in his class.

Sometimes big and tall defenders have poor fundamentals but make up for it with sheer strength. In Cochran’s case, his footwork is just as impressive as his build: rarely will you find him out of position. Not to mention Cochran will be taught by Gerry Byrne, one of the greatest defensive minds in lacrosse. It is scary to think about how good Cochran could by the time he finishes his career for the Irish.

Tip from Carson:
“Focus more on off ball footwork than anything else. You play 99% of the game guarding space rather than the man with the ball. Your positioning off ball is the difference between being great and giving up a goal.”


High School Spotlight


Sean Kuttin:

Sean Kuttin is one of the most talented midfielders in the 2018 class. The Long Island native plays for Chaminade, a nationally-recognized lacrosse powerhouse. Heading into his last varsity season, Kuttin has one goal in mind: finish the season undefeated. We’re excited to see what Kuttin and his team can do this spring.

Quote from Sean:
“I’m looking forward to one last season with my friends and an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Chaminade.”

Carver Skarnulis Lacrosse Goalie

Carver Skarnulis:

Carver Skarnulis, a goalie who’s destined to make the Inside Lacrosse All-Name Team in the future, is a captain of the Anderson High School lacrosse team in Austin, Texas. He has one final season to prove himself before he heads to play for coach Joe Amplo at Marquette University.

Being a goalie can be mentally draining. More often than not, goalies will have to deal with letting in multiple goals each quarter. I asked Carver for his best advice to goalies about the mental game:

Goalie Tip From Carver:
“Focus on your mindset first. You aren’t going to stop the ball if you don’t think you can.”
Image: Baltimore Sun Sports

Josh Coffman:

Josh Coffman is an electric midfielder from Severna Park, Maryland. Coming off a second straight state championship, Coffman has a chance to lead his team to capture a third to end his high school career.

If you haven’t seen Coffman’s highlight reel, it is probably one of the best highlight reels you will find all year. After Josh is done making plays for his high school, he heads to College Park to play for the Maryland Terrapins.

Quote from Josh:
“Keep working on your craft, know what you’re built for and perfect that. If you’re big, be a big dodger and a physical presence, if you’re smaller and quicker, be a quick dodger that can get by defenders. And always keep practicing, there’s always someone out there who is bigger faster and stronger; all you can do is push yourself to be the best you possibly can be.”




Chris Jastrzembski

Chris Jastrzembski:

Chris is a co-manager of College Crosse, a lacrosse news website that makes some of the best most detailed lacrosse content in all of the sport. He and his team do a great job of staying on top of the latest breaking lacrosse news. I am a big fan of the effort and dedication that College Crosse has given to the game. Here’s what Chris had to say about the future of the sport as a whole:

Chris Jastrzembski:
“As a whole, the sport of lacrosse is on the up-and-up. High school participation is increasing, and more players are also playing multiple sports, making for better overall athletes. The collegiate game is growing, especially in the women’s game and out west. The addition of Utah and what Brian Holman’s staff has done is tremendous and has everyone excited for 2019. Box lacrosse is seeing a huge spike, whether it’s high school, college, or women’s players participating in various leagues, or more Americans getting looks from NLL teams. The MLL has had a bumpy few months and I’ve been very critical of the league. But I am hoping for things to change in the future, and the league can figure out how to establish themselves and cash in from the action on the field.”
Credit: Lax Sports Network

Ty Xanders:

Perhaps the most influential figure in the lacrosse recruiting scene, Ty Xanders has made a name for himself breaking the latest commitments and transfers in lacrosse on his Twitter. He runs Recruiting Rundown, a lacrosse recruiting website packed with detailed write-ups from tournaments all across the country, and he works tirelessly at becoming an authority in recruiting. 

One of the biggest stories of the year came with the new lacrosse recruiting legislation. The new rules make it so no college coach can contact a player until their junior year of high school. This is a dramatic shift from the old rules, which had 8th graders making verbal commitmentments to college institutions. 

Mitchell Pehlke LacrosseMitchell Pehlke:

On the lacrosse field, Pehlke excels as an attackman with a nose for the goal. His talents have given him the opportunity to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2019.  To his friends, Pehlke is a hilarious and witty character that constantly cracks jokes and has fun with life.

Pehlke decided blend his lacrosse talent and funny personality into a YouTube channel with almost 1,700 subscribers. My personal favorite video is Pehlke’s freshman year highlight reel.  He put various commentary clips from Quint Kessinich over his highlights which makes for a very entertaining video:

Quote from Mitchell
“YouTube has played a big part in my lacrosse career. I have been fortunate enough to highlight a lot of great players and their skills. I am really thankful to all the support I have received.”

Katie DeFeo:

One of the most talented videographers in the lacrosse world is Katie DeFeo, a freshman at USC who plays for their highly ranked D1 lacrosse team. DeFeo has worked with some of lacrosse’s biggest names, including Myles Jones and Josh Byrne.

Quote from Katie
“I started making videos during my sophomore year of high school. Originally I just made videos of my friends and I, but eventually I started making sports highlight videos as well. They caught the attention of Myles Jones, and he reached out to see if I could make him social media highlights of his games for the summer of 2017. From there, along with my videos of the Severna Park boys lacrosse team, I got opportunities to work with amazing influential people in the world of lacrosse, including East Coast Dyes and The Lacrosse Network.”


Innovative Lacrosse Companies


Founded by a former college lacrosse player, SidelineSwap is a marketplace that revolutionizes the way athletes can purchase their gear. We’re huge fans of the NYC-based startup, and their work is helping the sport grow exponentially. The company’s Instagram consistently showcases incredible custom gear like this:

Brendan Candon - SidelineSwap CEO
“Our goal it to make sports more affordable by helping athletes and their families save money when shopping for gear. We’re doing that by giving people access to high quality used gear, and by making it easy to sell your extra gear through our marketplace.”


The Lacrosse Network:

Without a doubt, The Lacrosse Network has done an incredible job of growing the game through the power of media. The company features two talented filmmakers, Samir Chaudry and Colin Rosenblum. The two friends release a “Weekly Watch, ” which is a vlog about all things related to lacrosse. The weekly vlog is quite entertaining and definitely worth following.

Colin and Samir are at the forefront of lacrosse, as they’ve worked with nearly every big name in the industry. Their social presence is impressive; they have over 135,000 subscribers on YouTube. I’m looking forward to seeing what is ahead for TLN and hope to see many more videos from the talented filmmakers.

Credit: Paul Rabil

Rabil Companies:

After becoming lacrosse’s first “million dollar man,” Paul Rabil continues to be a pioneer for the growth of lacrosse. Whether it is with his YouTube channel that boasts 100,000+ subscribers, or the articles he writes for sources like Huffington Post, Rabil works tirelessly for the sport that has brought him so much success.

Perhaps Paul’s most interesting venture has been the Suiting Up podcast. Every week, Paul interviews some of the top names in business and sports. Some of his guests include Super Bowl Champion Drew Brees and tennis legend Venus Williams. I was able to speak with Andrew Manning, Rabil Companies’ Chief of Staff, to learn more about the Suiting Up podcast:

Andrew Manning - Rabil Companies Chief of Staff
“We’ve learned that content is truly king in the podcast world. With so many other podcasts out there, if your podcast isn’t unique and different, it’s really tough to get shares. In order to make sure the podcast is as good as possible, we do hours of background research behind the scenes so Paul is prepared with unique information about the interviewee that fits our over-arching theme of unpacking how high performing athletes and entrepreneurs function. With Paul being a high performing athlete himself, he can relate to his guests on a different level than others which helps each guest to relax and provide more in-depth answers than they’d give to traditional interviewers. Ultimately, the overall goal of Rabil Companies is to be humble, to grow, and to be creative. The Suiting Up Podcast fits all these three categories: we are humbled by our guests and always take something away from the recording, we are growing our podcast and fans both inside and outside of lacrosse, and the podcast allows us to be creative and make something entirely new in a medium we view as disruptive.”

NLL Lacrosse Logo


The NLL, lacrosse’s professional indoor lacrosse league, has been expanding and growing rapidly with new teams and unbelievable talent. Nick Sakiewicz, the commissioner of the league, weighed in on the exciting news surrounding the NLL:

Nick Sakiewicz - NLL Commissioner
“It is an exciting time for our league and its fans. From the announcement of the Philadelphia Wings name and logo during a first-class event at Xfinity Live this Wednesday, to the improvements we are pouring into our broadcast and NLL TV for this upcoming season, and not to forget the blue-chip ownership brought through expansion in Joe Tsai with the San Diego Seals and Comcast Spectacor with the Philadelphia Wings. We want to ensure that we are always improving the quality of our great product to the fans, who we believe are the best in the world.”



Gladiator Lacrosse:

This lacrosse company was founded by Rachel Zeitz, a teenager who pitcher her company to Shark Tank on her 15th birthday. I featured several Gladiator products in my gear guide because of the high quality and great price that Gladiator Lacrosse achieves. Here’s a video showing more about Rachel’s story:


Lumber Lax:

One of the more ambitious lacrosse brands is Lumber Lax, created by Kai Talley. His passion for lacrosse transcends his age and experience. As a 12 year old, his wooden lacrosse shafts have already made a name for themselves.

“Family is what makes my company special. I took the opportunity to make lacrosse sticks as a way to pay for my year round lacrosse habit. With the support of my parents and the lacrosse community I have not only paid for my way, but can help less fortunate kids get a stick in their hands.”

Talley has partnered with Uganda Lacrosse, Viva Lacrosse, Koby’s Cause, Breaking Barriers, Lax Seeds and Brady’s Bunch Lacrosse to help grow the game we love. He is also working with the MLL to bring fiddle sticks to fans to be autographed by players at the games.

“Custom sticks are my specialty. I love one of a kind sticks and commemorative sticks that will forever hold a special meaning for someone. The fun comes from talking about an idea with a customer and then seeing the end result.”

Talley’s story is a great example of how the lacrosse community can simultaneously rally around a great mission and product. We know he will continue to make an impact on the lacrosse world. Check out his awesome sticks!

Lax Sports Network

One of the biggest complaints about lacrosse is the lack of coverage. Although there are more and more games shown on ESPNU each year, the coverage of the sport is not where it should be. One company looking to change this is the Lax Sports Network, a digital video network with content from all levels of the lacrosse.

For around $80 per year, you can get access to consistent, in-depth coverage of the sport we all love. If you are hesitant to pay, LSN offers a 14-day free trial.


3D Lacrosse:

Since its creation, 3d lacrosse has done an excellent job growing the game and developing excellent players across the nation. We were fortunate to speak to Matt Rowley, their New England and National Club Director.

“3d Lacrosse is a company made up of lacrosse coaches and players who live and love the game and its tradition. We are a network of individuals who are driven to train and develop lacrosse players to their fullest potential using the 3d Methodology.”

This Methodology is a teaching model built on decades of coaching experience from leaders in field lacrosse and box lacrosse. Ultimately, it is the secret sauce that has created a very successful culture for their organization.

“From our Select team and training offerings for boys and girls, to our national and regional events, to our world-class showcases, 3d Lacrosse offers opportunities that can help even the most advanced youth and scholastic lacrosse players improve his or her skills and, in many cases, gain valuable exposure to college coaches from around the country.”


A unique part of lacrosse is its competition at all levels. This includes the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association. Over the years, the MCLA has grown and become an very important part of the sport. The strength of the MCLA has allowed lacrosse to grow to cover the whole country and allows young players the opportunity to watch great lacrosse in person in any state.

Ken Lovic, MCLA President
“As we enter our 22nd season, the MCLA continues to build its national brand as a viable option for quality lacrosse players in a non-varsity setting. We are extremely proud of the time and effort put in by our student-athletes and coaches at the nearly 200 MCLA programs. This spring is shaping up to be one of the most competitive seasons we’ve ever had in both of our divisions.”

The FaceOff Academy:

FaceOffs are a big part of what makes lacrosse special. Greg Gurenlian, the co-founder and coach of the FaceOff Academy, has helped players finely tune their faceoff skills through his company.

Greg Gurenlian, FOA Co-Founder
“The FaceOff Academy staff is comprised of the very best FaceOff men in the world who have been successful at the collegiate and professional levels.  Our system is designed to help athletes reach their highest level of potential on the field.  What makes what we do so special is that we also take pride in giving our athletes positive role models and mentors that will help them off the field as well.”

Dozens of high-level FaceOff men have come from the FaceOff Academy, including Denver FOGO Trevor Baptiste and Chesapeake Bayhawks FOGO Ben Williams. Check out some of the great FOA events on their website!

Element lacrosse Logo

Element Lacrosse:

One of my favorite new lacrosse companies is Element Lacrosse. They have some pretty awesome gear coming out soon, including their Onset Head that goes live today. Here’s some more detail for Element Lacrosse Owner Mitch Larson:

Mitch Larson - Element Lacrosse
“The Onset, is the newest and one of the most innovative Lacrosse heads out there. By taking unconventional ideas and applying true engineering behind them, the Onset gives players a whole new perspective on what a lacrosse head is possible of doing.”

Stringers Shack

Stringer’s Shack: 

A lacrosse store located in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, Stringer’s Shack provides some of the highest quality strings in the sport. All mesh and strings are made in house, ensuring consistency and reliability. 

Joe from Stringer’s Shack
“What makes us unique is that we are the manufacturer, and we sell directly to the consumer. We cut put the middle man which allows us to sell our products at a lower price, without sacrificing quality.”


Club Team Spotlight


Credit: Inside Lacrosse

FCA Lacrosse:

FCA has been a mainstay in the lacrosse scene for decades. With premier club teams and professional coaching, FCA has made a positive impact for every player involved with the program.

Ryan Horanburg - FCA Lacrosse Director
“As the Director of FCA Lacrosse, I am excited about the growth and expansion of FCA Lacrosse all across the country.  As a ministry, we are where God graciously allows us to be. We are seeing more and more lives impacted through FCA Lacrosse each day, and it is an incredible vehicle to share the gospel.  Our focus of ministering to lacrosse players and coaches is transforming lives, families, and the culture of this sport we all love.”

LI Express:

One of the most impressive club lacrosse programs in the nation is Long Island Express. Their tradition and success is almost unparalleled. When you look at the number of elite lacrosse players who have come out of the program, you can clearly see something special in this club:

Mike Chanenchuk - Founder
“Express has developed 7 Team USA Players, 15 Major League Professional Players, the current MLL Most Valuable Player, a MLL Most Improved Player, multiple Tewaaraton Award Nominees and Winners, over 100 Division-I Players, in excess of 300 NCAA players, more than 30 UA All Americans, and greater than 60 UA Underclass All Americans.”


Trilogy Lacrosse has made a name for itself in the lacrosse world for many years. When your CEO is one of the greatest lacrosse players ever, Ryan Boyle, chances are, your lacrosse company will have an impact around the nation.

Mitch Belisle - Trilogy Lacrosse
“Trilogy Lacrosse was originally founded with the vision of providing excellent lacrosse instruction to players across the country. Our Overnight and Aces Camps provide the best training available and were recently recognized as US Lacrosse Sanctioned Camps by the governing body of the sport. Over the past few years, we have also developed into leaders in event management with our championship and recruiting tournaments. For 13 years, Trilogy Lacrosse has distinguished itself through its dedication to innovation, professionalism and integrity. We look forward to continuing to develop lacrosse players an experiences across the country.”

If you’re serious about playing lacrosse in college, I would highly recommend checking out the Academic Aces camp.  Or if you coach a team and want top-quality lacrosse instruction, look no further than the Boys Team Training in Arizona this spring. 


Texas is a growing hotbed for lacrosse, as seen by the number of highly-ranked players that have come out of Texas in the last few years. I’ve had the opportunity to interview two of them: Owen Seebold and Ramsey McCreary. Both of these players have played club lacrosse for StickStar, a Texas brand that has produced some of the top talent in Texas. 

Anthony Crimmins - StickStar Lacrosse
“StickStar is THE Texas Lacrosse Company. Conceived, owned, and operated by Texans.  Everything has been judiciously built out of the belief in the Texas Lacrosse. We travel select teams, and have done so longer than anyone due to our longstanding belief that Texans can compete with the best from any region. We train consistently across the State because we believe players from any program can be great, and we relish the opportunity to continue their development.”


MLL Spotlight

The MLL showcases the best lacrosse players in the world, from legends such as Paul Rabil to up-and-coming superstars like Myles Jones. Although the growth of the MLL has been slower than the growth of college lacrosse, the MLL has evolved into a fast-paced, action-packed league that brings out the best of the game. We had the chance to speak with a few MLL teams about the upcoming season:

Atlanta Blaze

After an inaugural 4-win season, the Blaze improved last summer with 6 wins. Going into 2018, the Blaze have a star-studded roster that could be dangerous come playoff time. The impact of the Blaze goes beyond the MLL; the team is growing lacrosse all throughout the South.

Kellen Flatt - Atlanta Blaze Director of Communications
“What makes the Atlanta Blaze special is the fan/player relationship. Many fans have written us saying that players remember their name from game to game. This next season will bring this lacrosse community in Atlanta even closer”

Boston Cannons

The Cannons get the first overall pick in the 2018 MLL Draft, so the program will have an impact player right away. After a 3-win season last year, the Cannons will look to rebound to become a championship contender.

Ian Frenette - President of the Boston Cannons
“Last year we lost four 1-goal games. With a top draft pick and a few more pieces in place, we’re excited about our team heading into the season.”

Charlotte Hounds

Heading into the 7th season as an MLL lacrosse team, the Hounds look to become a playoff-caliber team. With an incredible attack lineup of Ryan Brown, Joey Sankey, and Matt Rambo, the Hounds could have one of their best seasons ever.

Wade Leaphart - VP of the Charlotte Hounds
“We’re excited to see Kevin Massa take the keys for the face-off position. He was a highly decorated lacrosse player who now has the opportunity to win games for us.”

Florida Launch

The Florida Launch had a spectacular season last year, making it to the MLL playoffs after only being around for a short time. This could be a program-defining year for the Launch. 

Tom Mariano - Head Coach of the Florida Launch
“I’m looking forward to the evolution of the Florida Launch in this next season. Last year, we had no idea how everything would work out, but now we have an idea of how we want to things and we have a belief in each other. The Launch is truly a family.”

Dallas Rattlers

The 2018 season will be the very first for the Dallas Rattlers, formerly the Rochester Rattlers. This is exciting news as lacrosse continues to grow in the West. The coolest part about the Rattlers is that they will play their home games in The Star, a state-of-the-art facility where the Dallas Cowboys practice.

Bill Goren - Dallas Rattlers President
“We’re thrilled to come to Texas. Dallas has become a secret hotbed for lacrosse in the US. We feel like our responsibility is to serve all of Texas and grow the sport as much as we can. With an incredible facility and support from this town, we’re excited to compete for a playoff spot.”

New York Lizards

After an MLL Championship in 2015, the Lizards have failed to make it back to championship game. Coming into 2018, the Lizards are looking to return to the promised land with a great balance of talent on all sides of the field. He is some insight about the Lizards from the CEO, Jeffrey Rudnick:

Jeffrey Rudnick - NY Lizards CEO
“We have worked hard over the years to find the right mix of players that are committed to playing in the MLL full-time in order to have an entire season together to build up their chemistry. As most people know, the salary a player makes in this league is not enough to make it a full-time job. The players have to have other jobs, in or out of the lacrosse world, to make a living. We have tremendous respect and admiration for the effort, time, and sacrifice that all the players in this league make and in return we try to make their experiences with the Lizards as fun and enjoyable as possible.”

Denver Outlaws

The Denver Outlaws are the most consistently excellent MLL team. With two championship game appearances in the last two years, the Outlaws always find a way to win. The foundation of the Outlaws is built on a stacked defense with Jack Kelly in cage. Then, with dynamic offensive players like Matt Kavanaugh and Wes Berg, the Outlaws can beat almost anyone.

Tony Seaman & Jon Cohen - Outlaws GM/Assistant GM
“We’re very excited about the 2018 season. Defensively Matt Bocklet is the vocal leader and Mike Simon who doesn’t get enough credit for playing everyone’s best midfielder each week return to anchor the midfield. Eric Law and Matt Kavanagh are two of the best attackmen in the league and Eric has become a really good leader for us along with Matt Bocklet on and off the field.  2018 looks very promising and as always a championship season is our only goal.”

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