Notable 2017 College Lacrosse Transfers

Notable College Lacrosse Transfers

When the season ends and there are no more college lacrosse games left, the next best thing to watch is the shuffling of players going to different schools. This summer, there have been several notable transfers from high profile lacrosse players. College Crosse does a great job reporting all of the transfers. 

  • Matt Barrett (Virginia –> Villanova): Matt Barrett is one of the most notable transfers of the bunch. He was an excellent keeper at UVA, garnering 2nd team All-American honors at the peak of his career. This is a great pickup for ‘Nova after Barrett ran into some trouble last summer. It is nice to see that Barrett will have one more year to play. 
  • Peter Conley (Georgetown –> Duke): Peter Conley is one of the best players that you have probably never heard of. I was extremely impressed with him in 2017 when
    Peter Conley (Georgetown)

    he put on a great performance against Notre Dame at the beginning of the season. He has a great outside shot, and I think he has the potential to do great things at Duke. 

  • Timmy Monahan (Maryland –> Towson): In 2015, Monahan was the #3 overall recruit in high school. He was absolutely dominant at lacrosse powerhouse Gonzaga in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, due to the incredible offensive players that were already at Maryland when he arrived, Monahan never got the chance for significant playing time. 
  • Devin Shewell (‘Cuse –> Loyola): It always seems like Maryland guys like to stay in Maryland, and this is no exception. Shewell is a great finisher out of Boy’s Latin in Baltimore. He never really seemed like a ‘Cuse guy to me, but that’s just my guy feeling. I think he will do great things at Loyola. 

Transfers are always interesting to see. Sometimes they can raise red flags, and sometimes they are simply just a change of scenery for players who didn’t “fit” into a team well. Some transfers can be critical for a team’s success: schools like Syracuse, Ohio State, and Maryland all do great with transfers. Let’s see what happens this upcoming year. 

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