7 Fun and Easy Youth Lacrosse Drills!

When you are coaching youth lacrosse players, it’s important to incorporate drills that are both fun and effective. Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of youth lacrosse players, and I compiled a list of my favorite ones. These are my go-to youth lacrosse drills, and players usually go crazy when I say the name of … Read more

Ronin Lacrosse Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Ronin Lacrosse Head Coach: Donnie Bowers Website: https://www.roninlacrosse.com/ Contact: Bowers@RoninLacrosse.com Overall Rating: 5/5 Ronin Lacrosse is a full service lacrosse company based in California. Whether you’re looking for training or travel team opportunities, Ronin can make it happen. https://www.instagram.com/p/B58ejKHhStH/ Run by several lifetime lacrosse players, you can know your son is getting … Read more

Pride Lacrosse Club Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Pride Lacrosse Club (Pride LC) Head Coach: Johnny Rodriguez Website: https://www.pridelc.com/ Contact: jrod@bukulax.com Overall Rating: 5/5 Pride Lacrosse Club is easily one of my favorite programs in all of California. Unlike other lacrosse clubs that charge crazy rates for tournaments and practices, Pride is focused on providing immense value at an affordable … Read more

OC Rebels Lacrosse Club Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: OC Rebels Lacrosse Club Head Coach: JR Grubert Website: https://www.ocrebelslacrosse.com/ Contact: admin@ocrebelslacrosse.com Overall Rating: 4.7/5 As one of the premier lacrosse clubs in all of Orange County, I would definitely recommend checking out the OC Rebels. Run by several California lacrosse legends with deep roots to the area, you can be assured … Read more

Los Angeles Cobras Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Los Angeles Cobras Head Coach: Brett Tietjen Website: http://www.lacobras.com/ Contact: info@lacobras.com Overall Rating: 4.5/5 The Los Angeles Cobras are run by lifetime lacrosse player and coach Brett Tietjen. Tietjen brings a wealth of experience to the West Coast and has established himself as one of the brightest minds in lacrosse. The Cobras … Read more

Factory Lacrosse Boys Recruiting Profile

Official Team Name: Factory Lacrosse Head Coach: Jimmy Borell  Website: https://www.factorylacrosse.com/ Contact: (310) 251-2505 Overall Rating: 4.9/5 Factory Lacrosse is an elite lacrosse program based in Los Angeles. Founded by lacrosse legend Jimmy Borell, Factory Lacrosse prides itself on developing players the right way. Instilled in each and every one of its members is a … Read more