Rib Pads for Lacrosse: Are They Necessary?

Rib Pads for Lacrosse: Are They Necessary?

In lacrosse, there is much more padding than in other sports, and there’s always a question of what equipment is necessary to wear. It is critical to stay informed about the best equipment so you can play the game safely. Although they are not required to play the game, rib pads can serve as extra protection for players who are getting checked heavily by defenders. 

Who Needs Rib Pads: Box lacrosse players should ALWAYS have rib pads. The box game is much more physical than field lacrosse, and you should always have rib pads. Ball-carrying attackmen should also consider wearing rib pads. If you are in charge of handling the ball while a defenseman with a 6-foot metal stick is guarding you, rib pads can help you soak more checks. They are a huge confidence booster knowing that even if a defender slap checks you in the ribs, you can continue dodging without hesitation. 

Who Doesn’t Need Rib Pads: Almost any midfielder probably doesn’t need rib pads in field lacrosse. Midfielders need to be able to run around from all parts of the field, and rib pads would restrict movement. Defenseman are usually light on padding and probably don’t need rib pads. 

The Best Rib Pads to Buy:

STX Stallion 100 Rib Pads

Rib Pads Lacrosse

Warrior Burn Lacrosse Rib Pads

Warrior Lacrosse Rib Pads

Maverik Rome Lacrosse Rib Pads

Maverik Lacrosse Rib Pads

Any of these rib pads will protect you very well. Rib pads can be a great investment if you feel like you’re getting hurt from too many checks. I have always used rib pads and absolutely love them. Good luck!

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