Ryan Drenner Lacrosse

Q&A with Ryan Drenner

Ryan Drenner Lacrosse
Credit: Florida Launch

What have been the highlights of your lacrosse career?

The highlights of my career so far are winning the 2013 Maryland State Championship with my Westminster High School team, beating Hopkins for the first time, winning 3 CAA championships in college and playing on Memorial Day Weekend.

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How was your first season in the MLL? How do you compare it to the college game?

My first season was a lot of fun. The tempo of the game is a lot quicker and there are a lot more possessions per game compared to a college game which I really liked. Having the shot clock on allows the offense to take chances that they wouldn’t usually make at the college level which makes for an exciting game.  

What’s your biggest take away from all the lacrosse you’ve played?

It sounds cliché but honestly if you just work hard, have the right attitude, and a passion for the game, lacrosse will open up so many opportunities for you on and off the field.

What’s your recap of the 2017 season at Towson?

Obviously, I would have loved to finish my college career winning the National Championship, but just being able to play on Memorial Day Weekend was such an awesome experience. We had such a great group of guys this past year and so many guys from my senior class were contributing to our success. It was really awesome to see all the hard work we began freshman year finally come to fruition by the time we were ready to graduate.

How much longer do you plan on playing lacrosse?

I plan on playing as long as my body will allow me. I don’t have a specific number of years in mind, but I feel like I could be playing for a while.

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Many players across the country dream of playing in the MLL. As a professional player, do you often think about how special it is to play lacrosse at the highest level?

Absolutely. Meeting and playing alongside some of the greatest players in the lacrosse world was an awesome experience for me. This opportunity is definitely not something to take lightly either. As players in the MLL, we have a responsibility to set the right example for all the players who follow us in addition to helping the game grow.

What do you credit your success to?

Again, it may sound cliché but it really comes down to how hard you work for something. I’ve never been satisfied with where I am as an athlete and there is always room for improvement so I think by really working hard outside of practices on my own time has allowed me to get to this stage. Obviously, I didn’t get here by myself though. I credit a lot of my success to the trust and guidance the coaching staff at Towson gave me. Coach Nadelen and Coach Gilardi specifically have been awesome mentors for me and have really helped me improve my game. Additionally, some of the veterans on the Florida Launch team really helped me ease the transition between college and the MLL. Guys like Steven Brooks, Kieran McCardle, Tucker Durkin and Chazz Woodson have done the right things for so long that they’ve become leaders in our sport and it was awesome to be able to learn from them this past summer.

Have you faced any hardships that you’ve overcome to get to this point in your career?

Of course, I’ve seen my fair share of hardships. I think every athlete goes through them at some point. I just try to keep a level head at all times and not let anything really affect the way I play the game. It doesn’t matter if the hardship is something that’s happening on or off the field, as long as you have a passion for the game there will always be ways to overcome any struggles.

Do you want to give any shout outs?

I believe the coaching staff at Towson University led by Shawn Nadelen deserve a lot more recognition. They’ve had such great success in their time together at Towson and really brought the university into national contention. Personally, I couldn’t ask for better mentors and role models than the staff at Towson.

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Brady Wein and his father Mike “Papi” Wein. Brady is an awesome kid with a lot of positive energy and a passion for the game of lacrosse. His father started Brady’s Bunch Lacrosse to help raise awareness and funds for the research of childhood cancer. They also help gather funds for children and families who suffer from cancer. Together they have made a huge impact on me and many others across the lacrosse community. The more their message is shared, the more people they will positively impact.

I’ve recently partnered with East Coast Dyes who has some really awesome products on the way that I’m excited about. Also, any high school players in the Baltimore area that are looking for footwork/offensive skills lessons email drenner402@gmail.com.


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