Top 5 Heads of the Week (Week 1)

In the lacrosse world, there are thousands of stringers from around the world that push the envelope of lacrosse stringing. I want to highlight the efforts of stringers who might not always get recognized. To submit your head, email With the help of Instagram, here are my top 5 heads this week:

1. Fantum Lacrosse Checkered Head

Here are the last few shots I took of this commission project for @shinyboy88

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2. Sam Ferguson Red Fade

Switching it up. @warriorlax Evo 5 strung up with @ecdlax Vortex Mesh

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3. Blythewood Lax Stringing Pita Pocket

My first try at a Pita Pocket – what do you think? @stringking @teamstringking All Black Traditional Mark 1 // #FirstTry #PitaPocket #SKMark1

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4. Eric Padelford Red, White, and Blue

Hmmmmm … what do we have here???

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5. Burnedbylax Icy Blue

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