Used Lacrosse Gear – How to Buy Cheap Lacrosse Equipment

Lacrosse gear can be expensive if you are buying it brand new. Luckily, many lacrosse players upgrade their gear or stop playing entirely, which means there are tons of people trying to sell their used lacrosse equipment. You can get your son great lacrosse gear at a much lower price. 

In fact, you can get used lacrosse gear for as low as 25% of the retail price if you are savvy, and used lacrosse gear can work just like new! 

People really want to get rid of their lacrosse gear, and with so much technology more than ever, it’s easy to find cheap lacrosse gear that will serve you well.

On this page, I’ll tell you exactly where to shop for used lacrosse gear and provide some links to get you started on your son’s used lacrosse gear hunt. 

Where to Buy Used Lacrosse Gear:

  • Facebook Marketplace: I’m surprised how popular this has really gotten. If you live in a decently large town, there is a good chance that people are selling tons of used lacrosse gear on the Facebook marketplace. As I’m writing this article, there is a Cascade S Helmet (with a retail value of about $300) for $80 on Facebook Marketplace. WOW. 
  • SidelineSwap: This is a marketplace specifically designed for used sports gear. SidelineSwap is very popular in the lacrosse world, and it’s no secret why. You can find great deals as well as game-worn gear by college and pro lacrosse players. This is the best marketplace for “lacrosse heads” who are super into gear. 
  • eBay: You can never go wrong with good ole eBay. This is definitely one of the largest marketplaces around, and there are certainly good deals for used lacrosse gear on here. Just be careful of shipping costs, as they can be more expensive than some of the items themselves.
  • Play it Again Sports: Some of my best used lacrosse gear finds have been here. Chances are, there’s a Play it Again Sports in your area or some type of store like this. It’s like eBay or SidelineSwap in real life. 
  • Craigslist: Once again, it can’t hurt to look here. Craigslist can be hit or miss in terms of the quality of used lacrosse gear, but if you check back frequently enough, there are certainly some easy finds.  
  • Facebook Groups: If Facebook Marketplace isn’t big in your area, there are still some Facebook Groups that you can find where people buy and sell used gear. The Facebook search tool is your friend. 

Links to Used Lacrosse Gear: 

Used Lacrosse Sticks: Many people try out several different lacrosse sticks before landing on a good one. There is no reason to pay full price for a stick when you can get the same one for half the price. 

Lacrosse Sticks on eBay

Lacrosse Sticks on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Gloves: Lacrosse gloves are a little trickier to purchase used, since gloves tend to wear out quickly. Make sure to find gloves in like-new condition; there is no point in buying crusty gloves that won’t last. 

Lacrosse Gloves on eBay

Lacrosse Gloves on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Helmets: If your son does not need a specific team helmet, it’s a great idea to buy a used lacrosse helmet. There are youth and adult helmets, so make sure you are getting the right one. 

Lacrosse Helmets on eBay

Lacrosse Helmets on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Pads: Lacrosse pads are a great thing to buy used. You don’t need your pads to look good either – they will be covered by a jersey. Sizing is also an important factor here. 

Lacrosse Pads on eBay

Lacrosse Pads on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Goalie Gear: Goalies generally have more trouble than other players finding the right gear. It would be awesome to find a nice stick or chest protector from here. 

Lacrosse Goalie Gear on eBay

Lacrosse Goalie Gear on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Apparel: You need more than just gear- lacrosse shooting shirts and shorts are a necessity. Instead of paying $50 for new stuff, you could pay $10-$15. 

Lacrosse Apparel on eBay

Lacrosse Apparel on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Cleats: I don’t necessarily love the idea of wearing someone else’s smelly cleats, but it’s worth a look to see if you can get some almost brand new cleats for a cheaper price.  

Lacrosse Cleats on eBay

Lacrosse Cleats on SidelineSwap

Used Lacrosse Accessories: Lacrosse mesh and stringing supplies can add up, so you might be able to find it cheaper on here. 

Lacrosse Accessories on eBay

Lacrosse Accessories on SidelineSwap

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